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Skilled fingers crafting things with dexterity. Simple tools. Natural materials like stone and wood, metal and marble, cloth and clay. A living tradition handed down the generations. A sure sense of color and design. And the magic touch of creativity creating things ranging from the magnificent brasswares of Moradabad, glittering gem stones of Jaipur, exquisite embroidery of Kashmir to the fine filigrees of Orrisa, fascinating sculptures of Southern India, Stonework of Rajasthan, pottery of West Bengal and the magnificent artifacts of the north-eastern states. This priceless legacy of India's traditional handicrafts has been kept alive through centuries. At Eclectic Mantra, it is our endeavour to bring you selected pieces created by the timeless artistry of Indian hands. Each product is individually handcrafted, shows a remarkable refinement of workmanship and has its own identity. Come join us in this eclectic journey......

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